What Do Closing Attorneys Do?

Closing attorneys

Closing attorneys help you prepare and review documents necessary for a successful real estate transaction. 

In real estate, a closing attorney prepares a brand-new Limited Warranty Deed for sale, which the seller later signs. The Limited Warranty Deed specifies that the seller has complete ownership of the land and the right to transfer ownership to the purchaser.

That deed is then cataloged in your local County’s Court House records. Each time the residential or commercial property is sold, a brand-new deed is recorded for its transfer and sale.

Title assessment:

The purchaser and lending institution need a clear title to ensure a smooth transaction. Without a clear title, the transaction can get stalled, causing frustration for both buyer and seller. Upon receiving a real estate purchase contract or a demand from a mortgage broker, the closing lawyer will start to examine the title. The buyer will need to know whether there are particular limitations of use, easements, or whether the title is clear and valuable for the seller to purchase. The closing lawyer will seek out any current home loans on the real estate that must be fulfilled at closing to complete the title transfer. The lending institution will need a summary of what home loans, judgments, and liens, if any, exist that need to be resolved prior to or at closing. Likewise, the title evaluation offers the loan provider’s underwriters the chance to raise interest in the status of the title.

Title insurance coverage:

Title insurance coverage safeguards the purchaser and the lending institution if a future issue is discovered with the title. When the title assessment is finished, the closing attorney prepares an assessment of the title used to issue a title binder, which is fundamental to acquiring title insurance coverage. While title insurance is optional for the buyer, title insurance coverage can guarantee the buyer on the title, with regard to claims of interests, property rights, and liens opposing the subject residential or commercial property being acquired. 

 From the lending institution’s viewpoint, it is a requirement since it looks for every guarantee that it has protected its very first lien position on the home, and the policy exists to back up that lien position. 


The closing lawyer talks with lending institutions, purchasers, and the seller. However, attorneys might also collaborate with other local real estate professionals such as; real estate brokers, property surveyors, merchants, the seller’s home loan holder, the buyer’s potential house owner’s insurance provider, the county tax department, adjacent homeowner, house inspectors, building contractors, property owner associations and the seller’s attorney. The closing lawyer needs to stay conscious of all potential problems for the closing deal to go efficiently. 

Evaluation of files:

On the closing day, the closing attorney examines the numerous instruments connected with the real estate and loan closing. It is a closing attorney’s duty to describe files such as a deed, a note, a deed of trust, a settlement document, disbursement at the end of the deal, and loan documents needed by the lending institution.

Disburse and Document:

The closing attorney is responsible for closing the deal and dispersing all cash. After evaluating and executing the essentials of a real estate or loan closing, the closing attorney checks the registry one last time to upgrade the title and records the deed and/or deed of trust. The attorney then provides a last viewpoint to the title business and pays the title business premium. The closing attorney pays out any and all other charges connected with the deal consisting of; real estate brokerage charges, county taxes that are payable and due, benefit cash for existing loans, house owner insurance, and coverage premiums for the purchaser/borrower, bug assessment costs, house owner association charges, house inspector costs, the bank or home loan broker’s costs, seller’s profits from the sale and the lawyer charges for closing.

While working with a trusted closing attorney is crucial, so is choosing the right Title Company. As outlined previously, Commercial Title companies are essential to a smooth real estate transaction. Finding a Title Company that prioritizes attention to detail and superior work products is a must in ensuring you are covered in a commercial real estate transaction.

Continental was established in 2008 as Atlas Title. For over 12 years Atlas has excelled in managing the risk. That same great service remains, even after Atlas Title’s rebrand in 2020 to Continental Land Title Company. The owners, Todd and Carl, are skilled lawyers in the real estate legal niche. Their legal experience in real estate and risk management allows Todd and Carl to provide the best possible service. Continental Land Title Company is a full-service commercial real estate title and escrow company serving real estate investors, lenders, developers, and owners nationwide.

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    Leasehold policies validate that the landlord is the actual owner of the property and is authorized to enter in the lease agreement. The policy also informs the tenant that if there are any mortgages, liens or other encumbrances against the property that those instances may have priority over the tenant’s leasehold interest. Protections offered by the Leasehold Policy written by Continental are meant to minimize your risk when entering a lease.


    During the preparation of a property purchase, due diligence is recommended to check on the status of a real property. We make sure to do a thorough check to ensure the ownership of the property and uncover any burdens associated with it.


    Continental’s dedication to quality, error-free and accurate title commitments, makes us the team that you want in your corner when conducting a title and document review to ensure the items included and excluded from the coverage are precisely detailed in the commitment to avoid further complications.


    Our team of well-trained attorneys provide an all-encompassing range of foreclosure services. We understand the severity and sensitive nature of foreclosures, and are well adapted at managing the risk and providing care and solutions. We handle Mortgage Foreclosure searches, Tax Lien Foreclosure Searches, Chancery Searches, Mortgage Foreclosure Certificates, Lien Searches and Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure searches on a regular basis.


    Closing documentation varies by industry and state, however, a deed , note, mortgage, disclosures, settlement statement and other documents laying out the agreement between parties are typically present. Our experience as closing attorneys affords us the end-to-end knowledge needed to prepare closing contracts and documents.


    Lender’s play a key role in property attainment for a business and we aim to protect our lenders for as long as they keep interest in the property. We provide Lender’s Policy to safekeep our lending pertains against defective titles, liens and encumbrances that are not listed as exceptions in the policy previously.


    With years of experience in the Industry, we have developed a system of uncovering even the most hidden legal liabilities that come with the deal. At Continental, we discern our parameters and evaluate evidence to minimize risk.


    Owner’s policies are pertinent to a business, it insures a purchaser of real property that the title to the property is secured by the purchaser and that the property is free from all defects, liens, and encumbrances, other than the ones included as exceptions in the policy. When a claim arises, we understand that you’re owner policy’s accuracy is even more important.


    Timely and accurate documentation is a priority to Continental. Our intimate knowledge of state-specific formatting and fee requirements allows us to update and maintain records with the court. Our competence in the industry and innovative mindset, set us apart as we consistently provide superior filing of Commercial real Estate documents for recordation. We go above and beyond  to ensure the recorded documents and final policy are submitted in a timely manner.With over 25 years of underwriting experience, Continental is proud of its proficiency in underwriting issues. Our knowledge and history with most major insurance providers allows us to formulate the acceptable level of risk that will be eligible for approval given the client’s background and needs.


    Timely and accurate documentation is a priority to Continental. Our intimate knowledge of state-specific formatting and fee requirements allows us to update and maintain records with the court. Our competence in the industry and innovative mindset, set us apart as we consistently provide superior filing of Commercial real Estate documents for recordation. We go above and beyond  to ensure the recorded documents and final policy are submitted in a timely manner.


    With our keen attention to detail, we can be trusted to process your important documents and funds. Unlike our competition, we are technology focused, which allows for smoother and more efficient exchanges. Our dedication to security and advanced programs allows us to mitigate the risk of human error – effectively safekeeping your documents, funds, and keys.


    As professional problem solvers, Continental has mastered the creative art of managing the risk. With over a decade of experience, we deliver solutions. Our goal is quality service every time, and we define quality as error-free and accurate title commitments.